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Leave 'em smiling...

Well, so much to report!

I met with my boss' boss on was a good meeting.

I was sitting at my desk when the receptionist called me to tip me off that he was done with his meeting in the conference room...I suspect he was meeting with one of my coworkers. He headed my way and I met him in the hall. He approached and asked, "Excuse me, could you help me find ********(male name)." I replied, "Sure. No problem. " and smiled. I was starting to say something else when he finally relaized that he was talking to the person he wanted, despite not knowing beforehand that I had transitioned. I suspect he knew about me by getting a tip anyway but he still didn't recognize that the person he saw was who he was supposed to meet.

We shook, started talking, then I showed him the work room for all our production. We discussed some of the reports I handle and my functions and wandered back to my office. He started asking me if I wanted an ergonomic chair, a slide-table for my keyboard, stuff that would make my space more pleasant. Honestly, I didn't need any of it. Might like a new chair though.

After a couple minutes he suggested we talk in a place we wouldn't be interrupted by anyone looking for assistance. I suggested the conference room and we proceded there, closing the doors behind us.

Funny...right this moment I can't even remember his name...oh yeah...Tom...something or other...

Tom is a good guy, the kind you like to see in a management position. He has no BS to offer and speaks openly. He's kind, with an open mind, but is the type that clearly likes to get down to business. I was glad. I deal with those types better and more effectively. I hate subtle types that like to fuck around with emotional bull crap and headgames. Never make any progress with those types. Yeah, Tom was good at asking questions and we talked for about 100 minutes, long enough to make me an hour late going home. Admittedly we both lost track of time and there isn't a clock in the conference room so we had some excuse but I still didn't want to be there late. I'm just glad the meeting went well.

We talked a lot about my relationships with my coworkers. As much as I hate politics and gossip there were some things that were pertinent and I had to share, though occasionally I felt like I was betraying someone. I wasn't...I was just discussing the work environment. Still felt weird. He assured me that it was indeed work-related. I felt better.

After all that I walked him down the hall to the office of my first boss here (I've had 9 so far) whom he was supposed to go to dinner with, along with her husband and his wife. We chatted a bit and parted, shaking again and promising to talk more regularly. I felt good, and we both walked away smiling.

Just remembered his last name. I won't share it though. ;)

Well, that was Friday...wait, not all of it.

Later on I was having a phone conversation and the topic turned to illicit behavior of the misdemeanor kind. I forgot about some of it over the weekend but remembered today and thought I'd share the tale of the time I was in jail with a friend. I was sure I'd posted it in a previous blog so I went back to the beginning to search for it. Alas, I hadn't written it out. i have before but on another profile, long ago. I will have to write it out again.

Hey, at least you have something to look forward to. And you know my stories, it's bound to be interesting.

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