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Picture this...

I found myself on someone's picture page today...oddly surreal.

I had opened Messenger and was doing my usual bit of rejecting 98% of the people who try to add me and I came across one that had my picture in an album on their photos page. Amazingly, I knew quite a few of the girls in the album...apparently the guy likes women of all types.

He chatted with me earlier today, was making some silly comment about me ignoring him because he's white...don't think I've ever been accused of that before. Doesn't matter...I rejected him because he is just plain not my type, though he is free to believe whatever he wants.

Anyway, in case you're interested, or a female friend of mine, the link to his album is here: in the 'Ladys' album.

Last night I had a dream that I was still working at Trimble Navigation, a GPS company, and that the layout was very tense. There were a lot of LCD screens showing various computer stuff, much like The Matrix, without the green code. Trimble did have a lot of screens in reality but they were parts for GPS units and not powered most of the time. Anyway, suddenly 80% of the screens went crazy and displayed some malicious-looking image that I can only describe as a round rat with a cane, grinning like he had stolen all our cheese. The rest of the displays were fine and we all started scrambling to find the source of the cyber attack. We were thankful that we still had some systems unaffected and were starting to make progress when those were affected as well. Everyone got upset and I left, heading outside the building which now looked like my current office, and there was a cat there, kind of like the Get Fuzzy cat, but cleaner appearing. It was my old Siamese cat, Bambi, from when I was young. She told me that she was the source of the malicious code that had affected our systems, and that it was nothing personal. I understood though I'm not sure why now. I guess I got distracted by the guy leaning in my rear car window trying to steal my minidiscs, a format of music playback that never had a chance. I got angry and removed the thief from my car but then spoke casually with him, noting that I was just paranoid because once-upon-a-time a guy at a carwash had stolen some stuff from my car, a story that is completely false.

A lot of other things happened but they're inconsequential...I just wanted to write something to go with my purple picture.

More soon!

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