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Something that made me sad Friday...

I am sad I had this conversation. I agonized over it half the weekend. Even worse, I reread it and was sad that I had felt like boasting in the course of it...and wished I'd had nothing to boast about at all. More comments at the bottom.

jenny landis: how often u go to dr?

tsaustinmgirl: Every few months.

jenny landis: hm

jenny landis: i made $85 today on a stock of brazilian gold company

tsaustinmgirl: Is that good?

jenny landis: 85 bux without doin any work? of course its good

jenny landis: so u speak russian?

tsaustinmgirl: I made more than that sitting on my ass here.

I took Russian though I'm rusty.

jenny landis: russia lost to finland in hockey 4-0 that sucked

jenny landis: ya well u aint gonna have a college degree in a year like i will

jenny landis: thats worth a lot of money

tsaustinmgirl: Are you trying to impress me or boast?

jenny landis: both

jenny landis: college graduates make on average twice what non-graduates make

jenny landis: so u can calculate that over 30 years

tsaustinmgirl: Okay. Now that we've done that...what's next?

jenny landis: btw if u sitting on ur ass at work thats not good either

jenny landis: u supposed to wokr

jenny landis: work

jenny landis: otherwise sooner or later somebody will notice that u not doin ur moneys worth

tsaustinmgirl: Hmmm...I don't think you know me that well at all.

jenny landis: so u have sex with guys now

jenny landis: guess not

jenny landis: heheheheeheh

tsaustinmgirl: I haven't in a few months...I've been a good girl for a bit.

jenny landis: maybe nobody offered u

tsaustinmgirl: Actually I get daily offers, and very good ones...I'm just trying to be good for a while. Got tired of being a slut or taking risks.

jenny landis: offers online dont count

tsaustinmgirl: Local friends...I keep in contact with them online...keeps me from using all my phone minutes.

tsaustinmgirl: I'm sorry but it sounds like you're challenging me...and I'm not sure why.

jenny landis: cuz u dont share pics

tsaustinmgirl: And why does that make me a target?

If all you want from me is pics you can be patient.

If you find me worth your time as something more than just an image for some type of gratification please stay.

I don't want to be seen as meat.

jenny landis: well thats part of bein a girl thats what u signed up for

tsaustinmgirl: I didn't sign up anywhere for anything.

Part of being a girl is being smart enough to want better than how a stereotypical horny man sees the world.

jenny landis: u makin no sense

tsaustinmgirl: I don't like your tone with's that?

If you want pics from me you can wait. I told you I would post some when I am ready to. If you can't wait please leave.

If you wish to talk to me like a friend please stay.

jenny landis: so do u masturbate a lot

tsaustinmgirl: That's what I thought.

jenny landis: so did u have a guy cum up ur ass yet

tsaustinmgirl: Let's see...

How old are you?

jenny landis: old enuf to ask these questions

jenny landis: u r just BORING

tsaustinmgirl: Let's put it this way...

I've had so much sex with so many partners of both sexes both sober and on drugs that I find I don't need to prove myself to someone far less experienced than I am. I've done things that put porn stars to shame and honestly I find I'm ready to start respecting my body. I'd like to make my life be both enjoyable and respectable while keeping my wild side along for the right people, rather than the people who just happen to be there.

jenny landis: so u had sex with guys as a guy?

tsaustinmgirl: Yes.

jenny landis: without a condom?

tsaustinmgirl: On occasion, yes.

jenny landis: have u testd for hiv

jenny landis: thats highly dumb btw

tsaustinmgirl: Many times...I've always come back clean. I'd like to stay that way.

I know what I did wasn't always bright. But living wild isn't always the best thing, and living tame isn't always boring.

jenny landis: u r quite a philsophizer

tsaustinmgirl: Or even a philosopher.

jenny landis: no, philosophizer

tsaustinmgirl: Well, I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders.

jenny landis: u use head and shoulders?

jenny landis: that sux, dandruff

tsaustinmgirl: I'm going to say something and I don't want you to take it the wrong way...

You need to grow up. Your ignorant comments display an intellect that barely rises above a first-grader and honestly I find that I want all the time we spent chatting back. I hope you find your true calling in life though I suspect that it lies somewhere around a bathroom in a tijuana whorehouse. Please use the nearest exit from the gene pool and my planet.

jenny landis: ok mister

jenny landis: if i am so stupid how come i am getting a college education and u aint

jenny landis: i fi am so stupid how come i invest in stock market and drive a beamer and live in a million dollar home

jenny landis: ?

jenny landis: and not in heckville tx like u

jenny landis: how come my parnts both have masters degrees

jenny landis: and u cant take a joke?

jenny landis: u r just easy to make fun of

tsaustinmgirl: I'm sorry...this is pathetic and makes the intellectual in me cringe.

Your command of the language is atrocious, your thought processes scare me, and you come off like an MTV wannabe.

Don't continue pleading your's just adding fuel to the fire.

jenny landis: what makes u an intellectual?

jenny landis: do u write scientific papers?

jenny landis: u had unprotected sex with men on drugs

jenny landis: haha

tsaustinmgirl: I suspect you are a product of a similar union.

Please find a new target to hound for pictures for your whore site.


Remember at the start of the conversation her mention of the $85 gain she had from a stock? It wasn't the stock that gained that much, which would be phenomenal, but how much she earned, she claims. Now, why would someone who is living the million-dollar life feel so joyous about an $85 payout? Wouldn't even cover the lunch-hour of the accountant that most people have living that lifestyle.

Sadly, I have done a lot of things in my past that I'm not always pleased with. I try not to regret past actions...but there were times I wish I'd made better choices. I'm fortunate to have come through it with no scars or infections.

At the end of all this, what really bothers me is that she and I used to actually have decent conversation once-in-a-while, and could have if she had either taken the hint or the bold statements I made to change the way she was speaking to me. But she didn't...and now we don't.

I hate losing friends, or people that I considered worth talking to, but I don't want to be treated or seen as something less than what I am. I didn't sign up for any type of negative treatment and I won't stand for it from anyone.

Not anymore.


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