melanieb_tx (melanieb_tx) wrote,

Pop goes the...

Okay, the fireworks are over, the people have left the park, and all that’s left is the teens shooting rockets down the street and some yummy peach cobbler in the fridge. Hmmm…must mean it’s time to avoid going to bed at a decent time and instead writing another blog entry.

I hope everyone out there had a great holiday. I know I enjoyed my day, low-key though it was. I invited family over to eat super yummy Melanie-burgers, homemade fries, and some really tasty Texas Hill Country peach cobbler (according to the recipe I found). To my surprise I actually had to force myself to finish my meal, not because it didn’t taste ‘effing amazing (it did) but because I simply felt full way early in the meal. Somehow I managed to cram all that yummy food into my stomach and I know I’ll be paying for it the next couple days. Of course that goes for everyone in attendance who, thankfully, actually found my fries to be quite good. I must say I was nervous…I’ve never made them before and this was a slightly different recipe from most, with quite a few steps involved and critical timing in the cooking process. Overall a great meal for the 4th!

I’m actually pretty wiped after being up late last night and all the work today so I think I’ll just go ahead and crash out. I had considered writing about how awful it is that I can’t watch Teletubbies with my daughter without turning every other comment or scene into something obscene. I’d also considered writing about how baffling it was that I’m now told I’m being judged harshly because certain people think I hang out too much with someone I almost never even talk to. Yeah, I’d given some thought to discussing both of those topics…but I really would rather just get some sleep. I know that having a holiday in the middle of the week is going to ‘eff up my body clock and I do have plenty to handle tomorrow in the office ( stupid Downtown Master Tunnel project ).

Wow….sure are a lot of fireworks going off outside.

Tags: independence, life
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