melanieb_tx (melanieb_tx) wrote,

The sounds of sanity...

"We gonna drop this next bomb for a money-makin' player that ain't with us no more!"

"Yeah, Notorious B.I.G. "

"Hell no! We gonna do this for a gang-banging thug that never seen it coming!"

"Yeahhhh...Tupac Shakur..."

"No, bitch! I'm talking about mother-fuckin' Falco, and shit!"

"What?! Falco?!"

So I was listening to my Hooray For Boobies CD the other day and started thinking about music and what it does for us. Now, the Bloodhound Gang may not be the music-choice you'd make if you listen to one of those easy-listening adult comtemporary stations...but there are only so many artists that will sing the Ballad of Chaisy Lain (a porn star).

Music such as the hard sounds of the Bloodhound Gang or the band Tool, while grating or too dark for many actually tend to relax me. If I'm in traffic I find their rhythms calming, and I find myself more alert, more aware. Conversely, while listening to classical I sometimes find, if in particularly heavy traffic, that I may become more agitated and agressive. This isn't's just not typical of women.

Honestly I love classical music...Mozart is one of my favorites, and the sounds of Tchaikovsky are what I was practically raised on. I will always love these artists for their musical contributions.

But somedays I need something Drowning Pool...or the Office Space soundtrack. Nothing gets the attention of the driver next to you better than jamming out to the sounds of the song STILL, whose chorus ends with the words "Die motherfucker, die motherfucker, still!" Yeah...that'll get you some looks...awesome song though.

I listen to all kinds of music and it affects how I feel and what I do. I find that Sting is great for doing housework, while 311 is good for being outside and having fun in the sun. Duran-Duran is good for being a dork of the eighties and Shakira is great for wanting to shop and feel sexy...good music to listen to before going into the Coach store and dropping $400 on a must-have purse.

Tom Jones isn't really good for anything except being groovy on a lazy Sunday morning.

My point is, music affects who we are,what we like to do...and helps enhance our outlook on each day.

I find that I like to have key music for certain times. Say I'm feeling adventurous...or like I'm on a quest...I'll pop in the Star Trek Astral Symphony and imagine that swells in the music are timed with key moments on the road.

Perhaps I'm feeling very girly...I'll put some Dido on and sing along, and feel the long notes that make her songs very appealing to me.

What I've always wanted, and I know I'll never have, is a personal soundtrack, an idea I've had for many years previous to seeing something similar on an episode of Family Guy. I think it would be great to have sound effects and a musical score for the daily routine, something to make life less mundane when performing tasks that would choke a badger.

Can you imagine me running with the effects of the Six Million Dollar Man (assuming you're old enough to remember who that is) and then turning into a store or cafe somewhere and a sound indicating surprise or wonder suddenly fills the area? It would of course be followed by dramatic music depending on what was before would be awesome!

I doubt I'd want those effects during sexual intimacy but it might be nice to try every so often...

Anyway, music is everywhere, and while not all of us agree on what to listen to we all know that a world without music would be a world with a lot of unhappy people. Music is one of the best ways I can think of to brighten my day and make me feel alive...

...even when I'm alone and listening to the music of nature, surrounded by forest and the bounty of life.

Yeah...too metaphysical for this blog...don't mind me.

~melanie ( turning up the volume on Mr. Bungle )
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