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Melanie's Musings

Thoughts from the other side of the mirror.

19 March 1973
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  • melanieb_tx@livejournal.com
I'm Melanie, a trans-girl in Austin, Texas.

I'm just another ordinary soul searching for self-worth, meaning, and some queso. I don't know where my journey is headed but I've had an interesting time getting here.

I work for an engineering firm editing reports and making sure that people who make five times as much money as me can feel like they got something accomplished when they leave the office.

I love travel, cooking, reading, writing, and most activities outdoors. I'm a pisces and have always loved swimming or being around water. Photography has also been a favorite pasttime for me.

I am slowly working towards SRS sometime in the future though when and where are yet to be determined. Right now I'm simply glad to finally exist in the real world.

Say hi anytime!