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Um...what are you gonna do with that?

Yesterday I went to see my doctor for a physical...just an appointment to check my vitals, my goodies, and my blood. for the accompanying picture.

I arrived on time and expected a wait but wasn't prepared for a long sitting as I usually get called in quickly. Alas, I not only had to be patient as the three arrivals previous to me were seen but also the 7 visitors after me that arrived over the next 30 minutes. I know, there are other doctors there also but it still is a pain to see everyone else called on before me.

Finally the door opened and my name wafted across the waiting room, still a pleasant sound to hear my full name spoken by someone other than those that know me. I was glad to not be stuck in the waiting room any longer.

My weight was taken, my height was measured and I was led into the usual room with the usual posters on the wall. This time there was a gown and a blanket on the exam table, though I figured I'd find out about that later.

The nurse asked me the usual questions about meds, my intake over the last twelve hours, and then checked my pulse and blood pressure. Incidentally, my pressure is 110/74. Yay!

After writing down the important stuff she told me to get into the gown. "Even my underwear?" I asked. "Yes." she replied and left the room closing the door softly.

Igh...I hate those gowns that tie in the back, but I obeyed and shed my pretty blue top, my khaki pants, my black bra and red panties (Satan's panties) and put the gown on. It's always just cold enough to be uncomfortable when wearing those gowns.

I busied myself by rereading every poster in the room...alcohol is bad...drugs are bad...cholesterol is bad...breats lumps are bad...smoking is bad...don't do stuff or you'll die...okay, it's not really that dramatic or preachy there but the messages are there if you lok for them. The room is actually quite comfy for an exam room.

Another long wait ended abruptly when my doctor poked her head in and said she had a student with her making the rounds, wondered if I would mind allowing her in. I consented and my doctor, full of smiles, came in and said hi before introducing me to the young woman with her, Ara, whose name she mispronounced.

We talked a bit about how everything was going and then she began the exam, peeked in all my head-holes, made me breathe a few times then laid me down to examine my breasts. Surprisingly I felt no awkwardness this seemed normal. Almost expected. She asked me beforehand if I wanted the student to leave the room but I said I wasn't shy. I should hope she could handle it. Indeed, she was very nice.

Apparently my breasts were fine because my doctor sat me up and told me to blanket dropping to the floor. She put on rubber gloves causing me some minor anxiety and then held up the package that is displayed at the top of this blog...a pap-kit. Yeah...the nurse who had prepped the room for me had made a pap-kit ready and had even printed a label with my patient info on it, ready to be sent to a lab. This would have been funny since I haven't legally changed my name yet so the label had my 'guy name' on it, though all my patient files have Melanie attached to them.

I stared at it for a moment and said, "That's useless." and my doctor and I shared a look. "That's what you should expect now," she said, "you look very much like a woman." She smiled and I smiled back. She put the kit back down and then went ahead to check my danglies...yep, still there.

I sat back down, wishing the gown offered more upper leg protection from the cold exam-bed, also wishing I'd shaved my legs prior. Everything was good and we had time to chat for a bit. I told her how things were going with me and some other stuff and then she told me to go ahead and get dressed while she ordered my blood draws. I was glad to get rid of the gown. That thing must be designed for three-eyed, four-armed's pretty difficult to get on. Comes off easy enough though. Before leaving I snapped a pic of the pap-kit using my camera phone.

Walked down the hall and signed in at the lab...sat down next to an older woman who was sharply dressed. She smiled at me and said my top was very honest complement. I thanked her and read a magazine about the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

Getting called in I got to chat with the phlebotomist for a bit. She was asking me if I'd already had the surgery, how things were going, she seemed to be quite interested. She complemented me on my appearance, said I looked very good, and yesterday I felt pretty good also. She stuck me and drew three vials...I barely noticed.

I left the office and headed to work, spent the whole day smiling and feeling pretty. I gotta say, that was one of the best times I've ever had visiting a doctor., especially when blood and nudity was involved.

There...I shared. My main reason for writing was to tell about the kit they prepared for me. I thought about taking it but decided against it...should have. Being open they would have had to toss it anyway.

I hope tomorrow is as good a day as yesterday was. I'm sure I'll have a story to tell.

Catch you on Friday!

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