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Where's my purpose...?

Okay….let’s recap.

The little stuff:
Finally threw out that stick of mens deodorant after almost accidentally applying it again this weekend. G’bye, Speed Stick, you won’t be missed!

I finally filled my prescription for my tension headache medicine, just in time for me to have a need for it.

Keira Knightley didn’t get the Oscar for best actress, though she would have if the judging was based merely on appearance. Sigh…marry me.

I cracked my hand Thursday night and now I have big purple bruises on my wrist. A doctor friend suspects I might have either bruised it really deep or perhaps gave myself a tiny fracture. It hurts lots, thanks.

Went to the bathroom this morning…found I’d never zipped my fly before leaving the house. Goody. No one noticed I think but you never know.

Oh, btw, how come about 20% of the time I have to wipe the seat, even though I’m now using a restroom where stuff isn’t supposed to be able to splash up or be diverted to that area of the toilet??? What are you women doing in there???

Today I had a new type of perv writing me…guy says he’s a teen, wants to spy on his mom because he hit puberty late, then wants me to see his weenie on his cam. Now, what this says to me is that he shouldn’t breed and I sure hope whatever he has is not contagious. I sprayed Lysol around just in case. I did look though, just to see if he did have a weenie to show…and he did…ewwww….

Well, just finished up at work….came in at 8a.m….and am about to leave at 8:30p.m. Gonna go take the reports to Fedex. Stupid reports…made me smash my thumb and scrape my arm when I took them to my car. I also bumped my knee hard while sitting at a work-table.

Time to head out…if you see a miffed girl with a scrape and a limp somewhere downtown just throw some wetnaps at me and keep walking by. I’m just looking for some purpose.


(blushing at 8:30)
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