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Simply me...

I haven't said anything here in a very long time...

Usually I posted all my life's events on my 360 page. Most of my active friends were on Yahoo, and that's simply where I stayed active.

Sadly, Yahoo recently saw fit, in their infinite wisdom, to delete my well-established profile, along with my 360 page, blog, contacts, Yahoo messenger, and all those friends that I've spent the last 18 months making. I'm still not sure what offense I'd committed, though after having given up on the issue I did receive a response from Yahoo saying that someone would get back to me on the matter. That was a 2nd level response, something I hadn't expected. We'll see. Not holding my breath still.

Well, I recently started fresh, created a new profile, started again, and have been reconnecting to my friends. I've also been seeking new ones. Nothing like a fresh start sometimes, though there are a lot of people I miss, and this 'transition' is causing nearly as many headaches as my other transition did in the beginning.

Speaking of transition, I must say, that seems to be the least of my issues these days. How did that happen? For someone who hasn't even had surgery and is still married in the same unstable relationship it's amazing that transition could fall to the backburner as a main trouble, but it has. I'll tell you about it but not today. I'm almost done with my work day, and I simply wanted to say hi and update my journal, let everyone know that I still exist.

If you are curious about who I am, or maybe who I was, drop by and you'll see my last entry from early this week. I actually have written several more entries this week also but haven't posted them because of an issue that I'm having with Flickr right now that I'm trying to resolve.

I know there are some interesting people here...I connected to you, and Erin used to always tell me how I should post more on LJ, and how LJ was her crack for so long. Well, maybe I'll post more often here...that is, if anyone would care to listen.

Would it help if I danced around in skimpy outfits and handed out cookies?

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